Nothing dies, how can I kill November 28

I've tried killing sheep, zombies and pigs. Nothing dies. I even built a room around a sheep and attacked it for 5 minutes trying to kill it! It didn't die! Also, zombies can't kill me, I can only die from hunger. The game isn't that exciting when th

How can I recreate my skyrim save file November 28    1

So, after reinstalling Skyrim and stuff my save file has gotten somewhat corrupted causing random crashes. So, I was thinking, is there a way to export and import just the following things:Character levels & perksCharacter inventoryCompleted quests B

How can i kill Because nothing dies November 28

Ive tried killing sheeps and zombies and pig nothing dies i even built a room and but a sheep and stayed 5minutes trying to kill it! I didnt die! And zombies cant kill me i only die when im hungry! The game isnt that exciting when this happens! Game

Minecraft PE connection November 28

When me and my friend on our phones try to play minecraft PE it doesn't show the name to go to the world, so we need answers on how this will work

Did really Anton Kriege Betray the resistance November 28

After Returning from the castle , Stephen Kriege informs BJ that he has killed his brother for batraying everyone including bj and the resistance , then at the end of the game on the zepplin it is revealed that Dr. Leonid Alexandrov is a traitor , wh

What is this bulb with a fuzzy purple and green flower head November 28    1

What is this bulb with a fuzzy purple and green flower head
The bulb was small and white at first. Now there's this mixture of purple and green fuzziness of the flowers that's going to bloom. Any ideas what it might be? A friend found it and I just d ...

Xbox 360 and Xbox one gaming November 28

If I put an Xbox 360 disc into an Xbox one to play (say gta for example), can I then play online with another player who is playing the same game but on an Xbox 360 console?

Edible Plants for Rockery November 28    1

So in my new allotment, I have a large mound (approx 2.5m diameter, 1m high) of turf sods which has over time become a solid hill of dry, reasonably fine soil with grass and weeds covering it. It's taking up good space on the allotment, so I wanted t

Is auto-scrapping by the workbench a good idea November 28

You can scrap junk automatically if you put it into the workbench and start building things. However, there is this perk called "Scrapper" with 2 levels. Will this apply on auto-scrap feature from the work bench too, or do I need to manually scr

How do I tell if a weapon causes void damage November 28    5

How do I tell if a weapon causes void damage
I have to kill 500 guardians with void damage. I have already tried all available weapons; How do I tell if a weapon causes void damage?Void weapons can be distinguished by purple spiral mar ...

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